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Diets: Take Your Pick But Choose Wisely

Diets have been making headlines again, but this time the news is a little different from usual. Instead of arguments about which is best the message is this: it doesn’t matter what diet you choose, just so long as you

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Are sports drinks spoiling your hard work?

Sports drinks manufacturers are worried about the way you’re consuming their products, and they have a point… Last week a personal opinion letter in the BMJ highlighted the dangers of sugary drinks (1). Soft drinks are directly implicated in the

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JUICE fast. Die young. Leave a good looking corpse

Juice fasts, … detox diets, … juice cleanses … they’re everywhere, and if you read the celeb magazines you’ll see them loosing pounds of flab in next to no time using these diets. You might think “I can do that”,

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High Protein 15 minute curry

I’m a big fan of two things: easy quality nutrition provision, … and curries. Here’s a quick and easy curry recipe for a high protein sag curry, bursting with flavour and with more than half of your government recommended daily

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What is The DODO Diet and why write it?

There’s plenty of intermittent fasting (IF) books and plans out there to choose from, so why write this book and what’s different about The DODO Diet? What is The DODO Diet? The DODO Diet is a form of IF, but

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In the News: Muscle, not just for moving, and not just for men.

Weight training is for women, maybe more so. A study published yesterday has demonstrated the connection between muscle and health. Following almost 100,000 women over 8 years showed that engaging in weight training and other muscle conditioning exercises – think

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Resolutions: Just do ONE Thing

Your new year’s resolutions are useless. Not because you picked the wrong ones. Not because they’re not worthwhile, and not because there’s something wrong with your either. Your new year’s resolutions are useless because chances are you’re not going to

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Don’t get fat over Christmas

Santa: Not an ideal role model (this article was first published in a London-based magazine) Ah, Christmas time … Logs on the fire, presents under the tree, and pounds of extra flab around your waist. Working in the nutrition and

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Intermittent Fasting and Dementia Prevention

Keep to the left. The G8 had a summit a few days ago on something a little unusual: your brain health. The reason become clear when you look at the stats. Forecasts of a trebling in sufferers of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

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Eating seasonally

When people say ‘eat seasonally’ they mean eat foods that are being harvested and are ready to eat, when they’re ready to eat. But why? Is it just one of those things that people bang on about with little to

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