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Unbelievably The DODO Diet book doesn’t cover absolutely everything in the detail I would like. Below are some other books on diet, health, fitness and exercise which you might want to look at. There are also some more academic core texts and textbooks for those wishing to take their study further.

This is ‘dieting’ as opposed to ‘diet and nutrition’, i.e. books aimed at changes that will get a bit of fat off you, however many of the themes and much of the advice is wothwhile for longer ‘maintainance’ phases where you’re not activly trying to lose weight

A Guide to Flexible Dieting, Lyle McDonald
This is a dieters guide to making fat loss diets a little easier guiding you through the diet minefields.
The Metabolism Advanatage,
John Berardi PhD
A good guide to revving up your metabolism and getting leaner. 
The Beck Diet Solution, Judith Beck
Dealing more with the mental aspect of living a healthier life, using cognitive therapy techniques to help you get the eating (and exercising)  thing done more easily.
The Paleo Solution, Robb Wolf
This book gives guidance on how to really put these caveman diets to use for you and avoid the pitfalls. ‘Paleo’ is really about food quality, and whilst I am not saying these diets are for everyone – remembering there are also big holes in the ‘paleo’ argument – as food for thought goes and ideas to improve your diet in terms of nutrient dense choices, this is a great book. It’s also packed full of good general info on health and exercise as well.

Learning how to train from a book is difficult, a good PT or coach is the best bet but some books are definitely worth a read. Remember 90% of your fitness gains outside and in the gym are about the basics.

Starting Strength, Mark Rippetoe
Getting stronger will help you build muscle, lose fat and stay healthier from longer, male or female. Starting Strength is your first stop for improving yours.
Paleo Fitness, Darryl Edwards
Another ‘paleo’ book packed with quality general info, so love it or hate it, forget the ‘Paleo’ tag for a second, this is an outstanding manual for improving coordination, strength, flexibility and CV fitness with minimal equipment suitable for athletes and lay people with no training experience.
5/3/1, Jim Wendler
People forget that strength, being the basis of movement, is the basis of all other exercise and activity, so getting strong is an advantage. If you want to get strong and maybe have used Starting Strength (above) and want more, this nicely put together, no nonsense, book is for you.  The beauty of 5/3/1 is that you can fit it in with a lot of different types of training whether you’re a cardio type athlete, team/feild sport athlete, martial artist, weekend warrior, golfer, whatever .

General health change, mobility/recovery/lifestyle
A huge category of course but here’s a select few that are worth a look, either as books discussing adjuncts to the ‘diet’ and ‘exercise’ topics or books that bring diet and exercise together with (those) other lifestyle factors in one book.

Man 2.0John Romaniello
A diet and training manual to turn your health and fitness around. Includes info on other important factors that help you to a better body and brain. Aimed at men, yes, but with plenty of info for both men and women.
How to Eat Move and be Healthy, Paul Check
At times Paul Check is brilliant, at other times he’s just too far out there. I don’t agree with a good deal of Check’s arguments, you can’t use science in an argument one minute and then start talking about chakras the next, but two things are undeniable: Paul Check can make you fitter and healthier, and this is a good book.
Covering exercise, diet and general lifestyle this provides clear a clear, simple framework for improving your body, just take all the metaphysical stuff with a grain of (Himalayan) sea salt.
Becoming a Supple Leopard, Dr Kelly Starrett
This is a pretty ground-breaking book in so much as it’s about mobility (and flexibility) but it’s interesting engaging and useful for all sorts of athletes. really though it is about much more than mobility, it is about how you integrate the machine, the muscle, nerves etc to improve health and performance. A great read.
Switch, C Heath and D Heath
Not directly about health or fitness, but about change, and supporting change. If you want to get healthier or fitter something in your life is probably going to have to change, and if you’ve had trouble starting or sustaining efforts in the past then there’s valuable insight to be had in these pages.

General Nutrition
These aren’t diet books, they’re not going to give you a tailored nutrition plan or prescritpion, but they will be a reference for the facts. These below come from a more evidence based place than many of the diet books on the market

Nutrition For Dummies, Denby, Baic and Rinzler
This is a good general resource for helping answer those general questions on different nutrients etc. A lot of the actual nutrition advice comes from the standard ‘low fat etc’ public health type curriculum which you can argue is a little outdated, a good book though.
The Pocket Atlas of Nutrition, Biesalski, Grimm and Junkermann
A brilliant little book and does exactly what is says: a pocket sised guide to the individual nutrients, diet based issues, diet types and diets of special populations and so on. It’s saved my arse more times than I care to mention and is probably the most well thumbed book on nutrition I have.

Fasting oriented
There’s a number of different ways to fast. In The DODO Diet I show you ways to tailor it to your needs, but here’s some other books on fasting worth a peek.

Eat Stop Eat, Brad Pilon (ebook)
A well written and well referenced book on a style of intermittent fasting
The Fast Diet, Michael Mosley and Mimi Spencer
Fasting seem through the exepriences of Michael, a qualified docotor and health journalist and Mimi a write and journalist
The Alternate Day Diet, Jonhson and Laub
A doctors view and use of alternate day fasting.

Sports Nutrition

The Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition, Anita Bean
Solid info for the weekend warrior looking to tajke things a little more seriously. A first stop for those getting into the subject
Endurance Sports Nutrition, 2nd ed., Girard-Eberle
A great book that does exactly what it says on the cover, for the slightly more advanced athlete, you club cyclsists, half iron man’ers for example.
Applied Nutrition for Mixed Sports, Lyle McDonald
As you can tell I have a lot of time for this guy. Here’s another high quality info packed book covering buth theory and practice.

Maybe you’re a PT looking to learn the facts behind the guidelines and headlines, perhaps you’re contemplating a Uni course, if you’ve more than just a strong interest in this stuff and want to get the foundation of the subject this is where to start.

If you don’t learn the basics you’ll forever be playing catch-up. Time to get your learn on.

Like it or not – and I am especially talking to ALL prospective nutrition students here – nutrition is chemistry – organic chemistry and biochemistry to be more exact – and getting a decent grounding in this is essential if you are to rise above the quacks. Here’s my two picks of the main go-to texts:

Biochemistry 4th ed., Mathews, van Holde, Appling and Anthny-Cahill
Big, expensive, geeky and beautiful. A very well put together textbook, and packed full of enough pretty pictures to keep even a dullard like me interested way back in my teens.
Biochemistry 4th ed., Voet & Voet
Similar to “Mathewsvanhold” above, packed full of everything you would expect but for me though not quite as accessible and pretty as mathewsvanhold.


Nutrition and Metabolism 2nd ed.,
Introduction to Human Nutrition 2nd ed.,
Clinical Nutrition, 2nd ed.,
Sport and Exercise Nutrition, 1st ed.,

These four above are the texts from the Nutrition Society (of which I am a member) they’re great texts that break down the big subjects so useful to those looking to delve a little deeper. Here I have put them in the order that I would buy them in when studying nutrition, the last two of course are slightly more specialist vocational in theme.

Krause’s Food and the Nutrition Care Process, 13 ed. Mahan, Raymon and Escott-Stump
A hefty and well respected textbook with a long, long history but one not so often seen in the UK. It provides a huge range of information on the theory and practice of nutrition science and dietetic support.
Human Nutrition, 11th ed. Geissler and Powers
Not as gigantic as some, but a core text of many of a human nutrition and dietetics degree.
Essentials of Human Nutrition, Mann and Truswell
A mid sized and less expensive textbook still packed full of all the nutrition theory a student will need.
Advanced Human Nutrition and Metabolism 6th ed.,  Groper and Smith
Pretty hardcore, leaning a lot more towards an advanced biochem and metabolism text but does do the basics well.

Exercise physiology and training textbooks

Essentials of Strength Training & Conditioning, 3rd ed., Baechle and Earle, National Strength and Conditioning Association
This text book I bought to do my NSCA CSCS certification and I was surprised by the quality and how useful it would be to a variety of levels great for anyone with a real interest in sport and performance it is a great resource.
Exercise Physiology, Energy, Nutrition and Human Performance McArdle, Catch & Catch
Only ever referred to “Mcardlecachncach” in the health/fitness industry this is the first stop text for anyone interested about supporting and improving performance

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