Food Tables

Eggs bad

Eggs are bad, right?

The DODO Diet is about fasting … but that’s only half the story. The other half is what to eat and to help you do this easily we cover nutrition, exploding some myths and turning the theory into practice with tools, tips and tricks.

One of these tools are the food tables, follow the link, print these out, stick them on your fridge and have tens of thousands of healthy and tasty meals right in front of your eyes.

Foods are arranged by

  • every meal foods that you base you intake on
  • every day foods that are the additions to the basis
  • treat foods
  • foods to avoid

High quality, concentrated proteins, both animal and non animal; high quality fats and how to use them, various plant foods. Higher and lower carb foods are arranged by how they’re going to impact on you whole diet and people’s propensity to over eat them, it’s all there providing a real practical guide to help you structure no-brainer high quality diet.

Food Tables are downloadable HERE

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