Health Habits


Choose carefully.

Habits are a strong tool, they’re an autopilot to a destination. Bad habits get you to a bad place, good habits get you to good places.

In The DODO Diet we went over examples of good habits and how to develop them, putting your progress to better health and a better body on autopilot, here’s some of those and also some others that are the most effective when it comes to improving your health.

Diet & Nutrition

Drinking non calorie containing drinks
- drinking calories is one of the most effective ways of over consuming calories and also consuming the worst kind of calories. 

Filling the plate with fibrous veg first
Athletes aside most of us tend to over consume calories. We also tend to under consume vitamins, minerals and fibre. Veg has all of these, filling the plate with low calorie density foods.

Focus on the nutrition first
- Nutrition forms the most of the pieces of the health and physique puzzle, they’re also the pieces that day to day take the most putting into place. Focus on the food first.

Batch cook wherever possible
- Whenever you can cook more portions of foods than you have to, divide them into single servings and then divide and freeze. Of course you also have to eat them as well.

Eat slowly and at a table
- Eating slowly and focusing on the food you’re eating means that you’ll be less likely to overeat.

Exercise & Training

Do a mixture of training
- There’s no one ‘best’ type of training. Resistance, intervals, steady state cardio, yoga, they all have a place. You’ll get best results if you mix it up.

Warm up
- Warming up will make your training more effective and safe as well. A ‘warm up’ should warm the body up but it will also wake it up meaning to can work harder and faster.

Use foam rolling
- Foam rolling and other techniques such as trigger point ball usage break down the knots in your muscle tissue, they allow your limbs, muscle and joints to work safely through a greater range of motion. It will improve the other facets of your training and keep you working better, for longer.

Lifestyle & Other

Getting 8 hours a sleep per night
sleep drives many facets of health and performance, both mental a physical, sleep also aids fat loss. Whilst some many need less the majority of us need over 7 hours.

Brush and floss everyday
Brushing and flossing is strongly associated with better health, the skin in your mouth is a delicate barrier that faces onto to the outside world. Bad oral health raises whole body inflammation.

Get a grip on your stress
- A little stress can be a good thing, too much can be a real problem it can effect mood, memory, even your waistline. If you’re dealing with a lot of stress then writing down the causes and trying to think up solutions to them, or at least ways to reduce them can be a huge benefit.

Keep it simple and make it easy to track
- making a plan simple means you can track it daily. If you have 100 things to do per day then it is will be all but impossible to track daily.

One action per day
- Focus upon doing one positive health habit a day.

Schedule a Fifteen Minute ‘health zone’
- Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about scheduling a slot that’s 1% of your day – 15 minutes – to work on your health. This can be 15 minutes of interval training, 15 minutes of bath cooking a bunch of chicken breasts and salmon steaks. Anything that is going to improve your health 

Don’t sit too long
- You’ve read the headlines: ‘sitting is the new smoking’. Research shows that long periods of sitting is strongly correlated with a reduction in health.

Be social
- Have friends and spending time with them is a great way to stay both healthy and sane.

Switch off the computer and phone before bed
- Screens produce lots of blue light, this short wavelength light actually actively inhibits the production of melatonin, the body ‘sleep hormone’ in the body which have slow sleep onset.

Choose one or two and make it happen
These are just some, there’s many others but the important point is that you can’t do it all at once, focus on one or two and work on them for as long as it takes them to stick.

Drew Price is a Registered Nutritionist and the author of The DODO Diet, a practical guide to tailoring intermittent fasting to your needs be it fat loss, better health or lean muscle and performance gains.

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