Trusted Nutrition Experts & Resources


There’s two problems with the internet:

  1. There’s too much information on it.
  2. Most of it is bullshit.

How do you start starting with those two factors in play?

Analysis paralysis will get you unless you pick your sources of info carefully, this is especially true when it comes to diet & nutrition and health & fitness. The following are the trusted nutrition experts and sites:

Precision Nutrition
A site built around the on-line diet coaching programs. Spearheaded by John Berardi. Great info, practical info.

Alan Aragon
Alan is becoming ever-more heavyweight in the world of nutrition due to his championing of evidence base and of separating truth from fiction. His blog is great and the monthly Research Review is well worth the subscription fee.

Body Recomposition
Lyle McDonald is, how shall we say, and unusual and forthright character, but what he doesn’t know about nutrition really for the most part is not worth knowing. The site has great in depth essays/articles on health, fat loss and nutrition.

Will Brink
He’s spent many years in the industry working with companies, groups like law enforcement and with private clients. A wealth of knowledge and some short, to the point vids on hot nutrition topics.

Laurent Bannock
A very well respected sports, performance and clinical nutritionist in the UK. He’s the ISSN’s man in the UK as well as having a long history of working in sport and providing training and education from nutritionists.
A website started by Sol Orwell that allows you to check the research behind the claims. Incredibly well put together and usable.

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