About The DODO Diet

The DODO Diet itself is a form of intermittent fasting: ‘Day On’, Day Off’, the book however is about much more than that.

Intermittent fasting (IF) is getting a lot of attention from many different organisations because it’s a simple, easy and effective way to reduce body fat, and one with a range of added benefits to health that you don’t always get with normal diets.

The DODO Diet bucks the trend of most IF books showing you how to tailor IF to your needs, giving you a bespoke plan that fits you goals and lifestyle. It explains how these diets work, why they’re of benefit and how to avoid the common fasting pitfalls.

This is just half of it though.

The DODO Diet also provides you with the missing piece of the health and performance puzzle: the tools, tricks and tips that nutrition coaches around the world use to get their clients to their goals and keep them there.


  1. I'm available for lectures, book signings, clinical and advisory work. If you have questions about the DoDo Diet please use the comments or social media so everyone can benefit.