About Me

I’m a Nutritionist, clinician, coach and consultant. Currently I am at the Hugh Sinclair Unit of Human Nutrition researching the impact of diet on cardiometabolic health.

Work brings me into contact with a variety of individuals and organisations, in a range of different settings, but the work itself usually consists of education and support. I work with all types of individual in clinic and with athletes, coaching and support staff in club settings.

Industry based work again involves education and support. I help health/nutrition companies pass on their message to the general public, helping support potential customers and raise the profile and the standing of the company by providing the public with quality info. I provide guidance to firms on the trickier issues such as health claims as well as product development and education for staff.

I also provide seminars and regularly write for magazines like Men’s Health. If you want to know any more about me then go to www.drewprice.co.uk

  1. I'm available for lectures, book signings, clinical and advisory work. If you have questions about the DoDo Diet please use the comments or social media so everyone can benefit.