What is The DODO Diet and why write it?

tumblr_miz9s4OBVS1ry837wo1_1280 There’s plenty of intermittent fasting (IF) books and plans out there to choose from, so why write this book and what’s different about The DODO Diet?

What is The DODO Diet?

The DODO Diet is a form of IF, but the book and plans differ from most on the market in three big ways. Firstly, it’s a ‘true’ fasting plan, as opposed to a modified fast where you’re able to eat small meals though the ‘modified fast’ period. Secondly there’s no calorie counting, the measures are food portions. Thirdly there’s no set fasting frequency, unlike the 5:2, etc., rather plans are tailored to needs and can change as needs change.

Why the differences?

There’s several reasons to structure it this way, some relate to the effect you get, using a true fast to amplify those physiological changes in the body that are most beneficial. Other reasons involve changing tastes, flavour perception and food behaviours, including what the individual focuses on when preparing a meals and how they regulate and control their food intake.

Who is it aimed at?

The book is aimed not only at those looking to lose fat, but anyone looking for the metabolic, physiological and behavioural benefits of fasting. Plans include fat loss, weight maintenance, general health and those for athletes of all levels. As a large portion of the book is food coaching based it’s also useful even after fasting has stopped, or even if it never began.

 I wanted to get away from the generic one-size-fits-all plans

Why write the book?

1) A Tailored Plan for the individual: IF is very effective, but all diet plans benefit from an element of tailoring to the Individual, and I wanted to get away from the generic one-size-fits-all plans that were on the market, and show people how to tailor fasting to their needs as well as opening the benefits of fasting up to a larger audience using this tailored approach.

2) Put some focus back on healthy Diet: Somewhere along the way fasters forgot about the food and healthy diet, you can’t magic nutrients out of thin air and I want to put the focus back on the food. Through my own work I have seen that one of the untapped powers of IF is the ability to change flavour perception and food behaviours, so I married the IF portion with this food coaching component.

3) End the tyranny of calorie counting: I wanted to draw attention away from calories and focus people’s attention a little more on what they are eating, why and how. The aim is to provide solid, practical information, helping people plan a clear path for their individual and changing nutrition and health needs.

you can’t magic nutrients out of thin air and I want to put the focus back on the food

4) Explode some myths and give you a clinicians perspective: Lastly I wanted to explode some myths about fasting and who and should use it and how – bringing a little balance to the IF landscape –  and give the perspective of a person who has actually used it in clinic with individuals.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Drew Price is a Registered Nutritionist living and working in London.  He holds a BSc in Biochemistry and a Masters in Nutrition Science. He consults within industry, in elite sport, and in clinic. In addition he writes for a variety of magazine, and holds talks and seminars.

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